About Us

Hello and welcome to Harbour City Dog Gear, making your dog’s adventures extraordinary.

We help pet parents to find the perfect harness to fit their dog's unique physical, behavioural, and lifestyle needs. Our range is hand-selected so that every design offers safety, security, and comfort to pet and pet parents alike.

My name is Jenny and this is the beautiful Pepper. Here’s our story ...


The Journey
You may have previously known us as Life on the Hedge. In 2022, we made the decision to rebrand to Harbour City Dog Gear and this was down to a number of reasons. 

The idea behind Life on the Hedge began in 2012, really as a result of my husband Michael and I travelling interstate to visit family and friends and enjoying adventures with them and their dogs. We realised that there were a number of popular pet products that weren’t easily available in Sydney, so we decided to create Life on the Hedge in 2013 to help provide those products to Sydney doggos.

In 2013 Pepper also came into our lives. As a pointer x kelpie, she has a very lean and deep chest, so when it came to harness shopping for our rescue girl we found it incredibly difficult to find one that fit comfortably and securely. It was almost impossible to source anything in Australia and the harnesses we could find overseas were both expensive and slow to arrive. And trust me when I say I hunted high and low for a solution!

But it was precisely because of this struggle that I experienced a real lightbulb moment. If I was pulling my hair out trying to find a harness that could fit Pepper’s unique physical and behavioural needs, chances were other pet parents were too. 

That’s how Life on the Hedge evolved from simply supplying select pet products to become dog harness specialists. My passion for finding and supplying great quality, ergonomic, non-aversive walking harnesses became the primary focus of what this business came to represent.

During this time Life on the Hedge continued to grow and thrive, but sadly in 2017 my husband Michael was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer with no chance of a cure. Having personally gone through chemo to treat ovarian cancer in 2003, this was a crushing revelation to both of us. But true to his pragmatic, loyal and wonderfully supportive character, Michael continued to go to work after his diagnosis, and encouraged me to leave my job to run Life on the Hedge full-time and make my dream a reality.

In May 2021, I closed Life on the Hedge to care for Michael during the last months of his life. He passed away peacefully at home in October 2021. 
Whilst the grief was overwhelming and the thought of continuing to run this business was at first unfathomable, I eventually came to realise that I had a decision to make. I could either choose to close the business, or I could open a new chapter in my life both personally and professionally.

You’ll have gathered I went with the latter, which was how Life on the Hedge evolved to become Harbour City Dog Gear.

Our vision and mission remains unchanged, and our commitment to our customers is steadfast. This new name simply reflects both how my ambition has now evolved, and the clarity of direction we’re now heading. 

What I love most about this new name is that Harbour City Dog Gear is a confident declaration of where we are and what we do. We now have a new name, a new logo and a new website, and in mid 2023 I opened a new purpose-designed harness fitting studio in Sydney - you can now book a private fitting appointment or you are welcome drop in when we are open to the public.

Michael will always be a part of the HCDG story, but I’m eager to see what the future has in store for Pepper and me.

Our Promise to You
Every dog has different needs and personalities, which is why we aim to supply a harness that truly suits a dog's unique physical and behavioural needs. 
As a dog harness specialist, my personal ethos is "For the dog, not the human." That's why every harness or dog walking accessory we supply undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure they are designed for the dog's safety, security and comfort. We do not supply any force-based or aversion-focused products. 

In other words, we’re here to help pet parents and their four-legged friends to feel confident as they explore the world together.

Our Vision For the Future 
We see a world where every pet parent is able to develop a deep, loyal bond with their canine companion - making unforgettable memories together.
 A life with a dog by your side is one of the most fulfilling lives you can lead.

That’s why our vision is to support a cultural shift towards true LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) and force-free dog training practices, where pets and pet parents alike are given the tools, education and opportunity to learn and grow together in the most constructive and kind way possible.

Our Approach to Harness Fitting
Our harness fitting sessions are relaxed, calm, no-stress environments. We are mindful and unhurried, taking our time in getting to know your dog, so that we can gain their trust and ensure they’re comfortable with our presence and touch before we even consider fitting a harness. 

Each fitting session is completely tailored to the individual dog, following our ethos of putting the dog first. Our focus is to help you find a harness to support your dog’s training, enrichment and well-being.

There’s no pressure to purchase from us at a harness fitting. If none of our products are appropriate for your pup, we’ll recommend a trusted partner or brand (even if we don’t personally stock them.) 

Find out more about our harness fitting services and our Studio or click here to go straight to the bookings page.

Update July 2023
My beautiful, brave Pepper went to the rainbow bridge in April 2023 at age 13.5yrs. I owe her so much, especially for being my companion and my focus after Michael died. She simply cannot be replaced.