Harbour City Dog Gear Manifesto

The Harbour City Dog Gear Manifesto outlines the promises we make to you and your dogs.

We will never stock/endorse products that we believe cause you or your dog harm or fear; eg shock collars, electronic anti-bark collars, citronella collars, water sprays, prong collars.

We will always be honest about the products we sell and so will our suppliers.

We will happily recommend a product we don’t stock if it is what we think is best for your dog or cat.

We will not pat, cuddle, pick up, or otherwise touch your dog unless given permission by either them or you.

We will never give your dog treats or any other food unless given permission.

• We will provide a friendly and safe space where you are welcome to bring your dog. We will never force a dog to try anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or stressed.

We will always look for Australian-made, but overall we will always find the highest quality and best products we can.

We welcome suggestions to stock products you love, but we will only stock products that align with our core values: integrity, wellness, quality, safety, comfort, reliability, respect.

To download our Manifesto in PDF format click here.