anny.x Classic Bolt Fun leash HALF PADDED - 3m, dbl-ended

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The anny.x Classic Bolt Fun leash can be utilised to up to 3 metres and is padded through half the length. Using an additional ring in the middle of the line you can comfortably drape the leash around yourself and walk your dog hands free. Due to the adjustment options of the leash there are many different options for using.

The official width of the Classic Bolt Fun half-padded leash is 2.5cm, but they vary from 2.2cm to 2.5cm. 

Colour matched to anny.x harnesses.

Made in Europe from highly abrasion-resistant materials. The 3 rings placed at intervals along the leash are made of stainless-steel. The clip hardware on the anny.x Classic Bolt Fun half-padded leashes varies between standard bolt snaps (die cast zinc) and 'parrot' hooks (stainless steel). We have tried to select pictures that indicate the hardware type for each colour. If type of hardware is important to you, please contact us and we can tell you which clip each leash has. Parrot hooks are now being phased-out and bolt snaps are the only option available on new 'Classic Bolt Fun half-padded' stock.

Anny.x equipment can be used for swimming. The fabrics naturally absorb water, but dry very quickly and will not warp when wet. If worn in salt water, a short hand wash afterwards in fresh water is recommended.

Back-orders are available in the standard colour range.