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The Vary harness fits almost any dog. Super-adjustable, each size of the Vary harness covers three sizes of the Grossenbacher FunRun harness (for reference). The adjusters are placed in such a way that they do not disturb or put pressure on the dog. It is ideal for adult dogs as well as young growing dogs. It is adjustable at the neck, girth and chest (length from sternum to girth).

If you have an adult dog that gets clipped from time to time, the Vary harness is also a good choice. It can be made larger for long/thick fur and smaller for the newly clipped dog.

Due to the cut, the shoulder blades, shoulders and elbow joints are always free and the dog can move without restriction. Grossenbacher uses high-quality, sturdy buckles, which can withstand a tearing force of 90 to 130 kilograms.

There are adjustment points at the neck (2), the girth (2) as well as the strap underneath (sternum to girth). There are two adjustments underneath that can be extended to the same length to ensure the harness is balanced evenly. This can be useful if your dog has a deep chest that comes to a point between the legs - it helps the middle strap not flip to one side. Please see the photo gallery for a picture of the underneath adjustment section. The smallest sizes have plastic sliders on this section; XXS to XXL have lightweight metal sliders.

This harness has three connection points: a standard ring at the back of the harness, a front ring on the chest and an additional ring near the back of the neck near the withers (the 'first' ring). We recommend using the standard back ring for everyday activities - tension is distributed optimally on the dog's body, the sensitive neck area remains free and the spine feels no pressure. The front ring may be used temporarily for training; we suggest a double-ended lead so the single point of contact is not the front ring. The "first" ring can also be used for training or if you need to keep your dog close to you. You can also use a double-ended lead when using the first ring.

Adjustable neck. Slips on over the head.

It is very important to adjust the harness correctly, please refer to the swing tag attached to your harness or contact us for assistance if you are unsure.

  • Wash at 30°C to 40°C; do not tumble dry
  • Adjustable, grows with the dog
  • Full freedom of movement of the shoulder and elbow
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Withstands large traction force without problems
  • Made in Europe

These harnesses run on the larger side so please consult the size chart; don't simply get a size small because that's what size usually fits your dog in other gear.

Please contact us if a size you want is out of stock and we can add it to the next shipment from Switzerland.

The size chart is here. (Pls disregard pg2) Please use the "FunRun" side of the chart, but please note that the Vary is more adjustable and is equivalent to 2 or 3 FunRun sizes. Please ask us for help with sizing.
NB. Grossenbacher harnesses are sized by breed and weight, not by girth measurement. (The girth straps on Grossenbacher harnesses generally have a large range of adjustment.) The best way to get the correct size for your dog is to come into the fitting studio and try them on. If you order online you may need to exchange if the first size you purchase isn't quite right.

Colours available from Harbour City Dog Gear are as per the colour selection drop down list on this page. Some photos in the gallery are of colours that may not be available. (Some photos show Vary with no front d-ring - ours have a front d-ring as per the lumi green and bordeaux photos in the gallery.)

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