Zoom & Chase by Wildhunde

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Wildhunde Zoom & Chase fleece tug toy

The perfect chase and tug toy for any and every dog! 

Available in 2 options:
Puppy size, which has a shorter fleece section and longer sheepskin for easy puppy gripping;
Adult size, which has a longer fleece section and a slightly shorter sheepskin section
(see measurements below)..

Made in Sydney.

Overall length apx 65cm including fleece knots and end tail.
Puppy: Fleece - apx 25cm, Sheepskin - apx 35cm
Adult: Fleece - apx 35cm, Sheepskin - apx 25cm
(Handmade, so exact size will vary) 

Handmade with the highest quality Australian sheepskin and clothing-grade fleece.

Current fleece colours at May 2023: puppy size: pastel blue with a hint of teal & rust (see cover pic); adult size: rainbow (see 3rd pic). Sheepskin colour varies.