Naked harness - with front clips (buckles)

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The 'front clip' Naked harness has an openable buckle/clip on each side of the neck, so does not have to go on over your dog's head. It is ideal for those dogs that may be head shy, or for brachycephalic breeds with a broad skull or for any dog who prefers a harness not fitted over the head.

– Designed to fit your dog comfortably, allowing correct movement of all muscles and joints and there is no pain or sense of restriction for your dog.

– Purposefully positioned to protect vital organs and areas of the body, such as the thyroid gland, oesophagus, trachea, lymph nodes, spinal cord, nerves, arteries and veins, which if injured or damaged can lead to long-term health or behavioural issues, or pain for your dog.

– The strap around the girth is positioned away from the front legs – so no chafing, friction or rubbing on the skin.

– The thin layer of recycled Australian wool is placed under the top strap and at various other sections of the harness, for comfort.

– Durability – tried and tested in all sorts of conditions – from beach to bush, city to country – they wash and wear beautifully.

– Well-made using high-quality materials to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

Use the measurements below as a guide when selecting a Naked harness for your dog. (Measurements are taken around your dog’s girth at the widest part allowing at least 5cms from the back of the front legs):
XS – Girth 40-55cms
S – Girth 51-71cms
M – Girth 62-87cms
L – Girth 71-101cms

The design of the openable buckles ("clips") on each side of the neck make this harness a little roomier and lower around the front when you compare with the standard Naked harness, so it is a good choice for deep chested and/or long dogs. (See photo in gallery comparing both models in XS at the smallest neck size: standard [coloured] and 'front clip' [black].)

Note that despite its name, this harness does not have a front clip that you can attach a leash to.

Available from HCDG in black only.

The Naked harness carries a 5 year warranty against material and workmanship defects. This means, the manufacturer (The Complete Pet Company, QLD) will replace or repair a Naked harness if any of the workmanship or components fail within the first 5 years of normal use (the use for which the product was intended when designed).
Please keep your receipt - proof of purchase is required.
Components that have been chewed or misused are not guaranteed.
(The Complete Pet Company reserves the right to change the warranty period without prior notice and without incurring obligation.)

Accidents can happen! ... if your dog has chewed the hardware (clips and buckles) or webbing, repairs are available. Please contact Harbour City Dog Gear and we can help with this process.

Dogs love to chew and have incredible jaw strength with the ability to destroy items in no time so ... please, never leave your dog unattended, even for the shortest period, whilst wearing the harness or with the harness within reach of your dog.
Ensure the harness is fitted correctly. You can chat to us via email, or book a Zoom fitting session.

Hand wash or machine wash (gentle cycle and low temperature) weekly to keep the Naked harness webbing soft and comfortable for your dog. If you wash the harness in the machine, it’s a good idea to place your Naked harness in a wash bag or pillowcase.
Dry out of direct sunlight and do not tumble dry.
Rinse your harness in fresh water and hang to dry after a visit to the beach or a roll in mud.
Check your hardware (clips and buckles) and webbing on a regular basis to ensure good working order.