Outward Hound Slo Bowl Tiny Wave

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Slow-feeding is an effective way to help your dog eat more efficiently while mitigating indigestion, vomiting, and bloating. If your dog tends to gulp and eat too quickly, the Fun Feeder Tiny Wave is a simple solution to get your pet to eat at a healthy pace (up to 10x slower!). Designed with wavy walls inside, the bowl helps separate food portions and extends mealtime for your pet to ensure proper eating habits.

This is a SMALL slow-feeding bowl for small dogs to help improve eating habits and prolong feeding to ultimately achieve better digestion and prevent bloating and vomiting after meals. 

Holds up to ¾ cup of dry food, but this bowl is equally good for raw/fresh food, which is the diet we encourage. Apx 14cm x 14cm x 3cm high.

Doubles as a fun and mentally stimulating game for your dog to enjoy.

Made with food-safe materials and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead.

Vet-approved and recommended.