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Patented design reduces and distributes harmful forces in the event of a collision. It is proven to be one of the safest dog safety harnesses available. Sleepypod Clickit Sport was rigorously tested to include the same dynamic crash testing that ensures the performance of child safety restraints.

Clickit Sport car harness is packed with state-of-the-art technology that makes it light and easy to use without sacrificing safety. Sleepypod’s patented Infinity Loop webbing design works with a broad, padded vest to distribute and reduce damaging forces that can cause injury.

There are three points of contact to reduce forward and lateral movement in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Crash-tested at US, Canadian and EU child safety standards, then independently tested and certified with a 5 Star safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety to be one of the safest car harnesses in an auto collision.

Each harness comes with buckle shield to ensure the seatbelt isn't released accidentally, and an s-clip to prevent seatbelt retraction and to set the correct seatbelt length for your dog. The buckle shield also means your dog doesn't sit on plastic, but rather soft neoprene. You can see videos of these two accessories below.

Certified by the Center for Pet Safety (USA) for pets 8-41kg.
See crash test videos and more info here:

• Energy-absorbing neoprene padding
• Reflective strips and logos add improved visibility at night
• Infinity Loop design
• Quick connection and release
• Stress-tested automotive-grade straps
• Double “D” ring connection for leash (use for quick breaks during car travel; generally not ergonomically suitable for everyday walks)
• Adjustable straps for a customized fit
• Luggage-grade ballistic nylon exterior vest
• Stress-tested buckles

Sizes: four sizes address a broad range of dog shapes and sizes S, M, L, XL. Please note size guide and weight limits below:

Small: 42-56cm girth
Medium: 57-71cm girth
Large: 72-86cm girth
XLarge: 87-101cm girth

NB Not suitable for dogs under 8kg or over 41kg

Please note:

  • We do not recommend this harness for general everyday walking or hiking. It is suitable for taking your dog for a toilet break and to stretch their legs while on a car trip.
  • Due to the unique body types of breeds like greyhounds, whippets, salukis, Afghan hounds, and borzois, this harness might not offer the proper fit.
  • This harness is specifically designed to keep your dog safe in the car. It should allow your dog to sit up or lay down and to shift position slightly. The dog must be acclimated slowly and thoroughly to the harness. It is not meant to be used with a tether, especially a long one - long tethers reduce the safety of your dog in an accident.

Fear Free Happy Homes Limited Edition in Sky Blue currently available while stocks last. Limited Edition colours not available for backorder.

Back orders available only for the colours and sizes available from Harbour City Dog Gear (excluding Limited Edition colours). Backorders usually ship to you in 6-7 weeks.

Click here to learn about the Sleepypod Crash Replacement Program (worldwide)
Please contact Sleepypod directly, via their web site, if you wish to make a claim.

Washing instructions: Wipe the vest front with a damp, soapy cloth; Vacuum pet fur from neoprene on the back side of the vest.