Sleepypod Slim Leash 1.8m 15mm

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Skinny and Mighty

Six-foot leash plus the convenience of a waste bag slot and utility ring. Composed of high-tensile strength nylon webbing and a high-strength aircraft-grade snap hook that will withstand more than 500 pounds of force. Tensile tested at an aeronautical lab to verify strength. Intuitive, push-on snap hook design is beneficial for those with arthritis or hand mobility issues. Chromaweave high-density webbing and Sleepypod aircraft grade hardware.

Beauty in Strength

Vibrantly coloured yarn is individually dyed then woven together to craft the high-density webbing’s unique luster and colourways. The beauty is in the strength, however. Custom textiles and hardware are individually, then collectively, strength tested to ensure a safer product. High-grade hardware and Chromaweave high-density webbing provide unmatched strength to weight ratio. Durable yet lightweight so it won’t weigh your pet down. Robust stitching withstands daily use. Everyday is extraordinary!

    Brilliant Copper matches Orange Dream Sport/Terrain car harnesses and Mandarin Orange ultrasuede collars;
    Blue Lagoon matches Robin Egg Blue Sport/Terrain car harnesses and Blue Lagoon ultrasuede collars.
    Charcoal Grey matches Charcoal Sport/Terrain car harnesses and works well with any other car harness colour.

    • Waste bag slot
    • Utility ring for attaching keys or flashlight
    • Withstands more than 500 pounds of force
    • Tensile tested at an aeronautical laboratory to verify strength
    • Chromaweave high-density webbing
    • High-contrast woven colourways
    • High-grade hardware includes aircraft-grade aluminium hook
    • Push-on snap hook design is beneficial for those with hand mobility issues
    • Heavy-duty yet lightweight
    • Robust stitching withstands daily use
    • Machine wash inside a mesh bag in cold water, hang dry

    183cm long; 15mm wide.

    A fantastic slim and lightweight leash for cats and small dogs!

    Available for backorder. Backorders usually ship to you in apx 6 weeks.